Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to corporations in the military, consumer, and medical industries.

Recent clients have included:

  • Iolon, Inc. – MEMS for tunable optics; IP development
  • Avo Photonics, Inc. – Microactuators for tunable lasers
  • VDW Design, LLC – Advanced 3D antennas; IP development
  • Spectrocon, LLC – Mechanical leech; IP development
  • Envision Group, Inc – Bait station
  • UW Madison – Cancer ablation probe with active cooling
  • UW Madison – Embedded electronic patient survey device; IP development
  • NeuWave Medical – Waveguide with active cooling; IP development
  • Elucent Medical – RFID targeting and ergonomic design; IP development
  • Accure Medical, LLC – Patient interface and RF integration; IP development



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